Available: Phil Campbell and Shoals Campuses
Advisor: L. Liles (5254/8072) lliles@nwscc.edu
B. Keeton (6389) bkeeton@nwscc.edu
K. Davis (5254) kevin.davis@nwscc.edu
M. Grissom (5265) melinda.grissom@nwscc.edu

This certificate is designed to develop the skills necessary to enter and maintain a job in the welding field. Students should develop the skills necessary to pass a certification test that meets the requirements of the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 code. Applicants are not required to have completed any particular subject prior to enrollment. Welders need to have good eye-hand coordination, and they need to be in good physical condition. Welding is used in fabrication shops, construction, maintenance, ship building, aircraft, automotive, electrical, and machine shops. Welding is a tool of all trades. The welding field is rapidly expanding, requiring a continually increasing volume of technical knowledge and skills on the part of the operator.

Entering students are required to complete ORI 107. Transfer students are exempt from this requirement.



* Transfer Credit: Students may receive up to one semester of Advanced Placement for Career Technical coursework completed at another institution.

* A high school diploma or GED certificate is not required for admission to this program. Students must be at least 16 years old to enroll.

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Career Certificate