Vehicle Registration/Parking Decals

All motor vehicles operated regularly on the campus by students and College personnel must be registered with the College. All operators of automobiles on the campus are subject to the following parking and traffic regulations. (Revisions will be posted.) The College reserves the right to regulate the use of vehicles on both campuses and withdraw the privilege of operating an automobile on both campuses for failure to abide by the regulations or for other good cause.

  1. All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, operated on campus by students must be registered once each academic year. Cost of decal for FA/SP is $8.00, SU $4.00 and is included in the NW-SCC fees during registration of classes.
  2. Students will be issued a decal which must be displayed on vehicle.
  3. When the owner trades motor vehicles, the currently used motor vehicle should be registered. Replacement decals can be obtained in the Cashier’s office.
  4. The person in whose name a vehicle is registered, regardless of who is driving, is responsible for all traffic and parking citations on campus.
  5. Any student not enrolled in credit classes who will be on campus on a regular basis will be required to purchase a decal from the Cashiers Office.
  6. State law - mandatory insurance

Parking Violations

  1. Unauthorized parking in areas designated as:
    • a. Faculty/Staff Parking
    • b. Handicap Parking
    • c. Yellow Curb
    • d. Fire Lane
    • e. No Parking Zone
    • f. Reserved Parking
    • g. Visitors Parking
  2. Blocking drive or walkway
  3. No decal
  4. Parking on grass
  5. Any area designated by the College

Other Violations

  1. Speeding
  2. Running stop sign
  3. Littering
  4. Loud music
  5. Tobacco use/Smoking
  6. Firearm/Weapons

Violators may be ticketed by Campus Security. Unpaid tickets will result in additional penalties to the students. Grades will be withheld and the student will not be allowed to register until all fines are paid. The school reserves the right to tow violators. A list of fines is available on the College Website. These are subject to change. The College has implemented a color code system for parking as listed below.

  • Red - Faculty/Staff
  • Green - Visitor
  • White - Students
  • Blue - Handicap
  • Yellow - No Parking