Student Success Center

The Student Success Center offers seminars and workshops in conjunction with the Student Success course to address issues related to the affective needs of students including but not limited to time and money management, test and study skills, navigating through NWSCC, and college transfer. Additionally, Student Success Coaches serve as one-on-one mentors for new, transitional, probationary, and facultyidentified students. Coaches communicate with students to serve as academic coaches, accountability partners, and significant connections to the College for identified students. The Student Success Center provides:

  • New student mentoring
  • Student Success Workshops (ex. Financial aid, goal setting, college transfer, career preparation)
  • Career planning
  • Study rooms
  • Tutoring rooms

The Student Success Center is located on the Shoals Campus, Building 100, Room 117, and on the Phil Campbell Campus, Building 306, Room L.

Contact information: Shoals Campus – 256-331-5207, Phil Campbell Campus – 256-331-6353


The Advising Center is located on the Shoals Campus in the Administration Building (Building 100) and offers general information, advising, and early registration for new students. The Center assists the Instructional Division of the College in integrating students into an ongoing advising process with faculty to ensure the successful completion of their programs of study.

For more information, contact the Advising Center at 256-331-5221.