Student Conduct

The College assumes that entering students are mature adults who have developed mature behavior patterns, positive attitudes, and conduct above reproach. Students are treated in accordance with this behavior. The College reserves the right to dismiss any student whose on or off-campus behavior is considered undesirable or harmful to the College.

For the protection and convenience of all students and the community, regulations prohibit misconduct on the campus and in the classroom. Students participating in any unauthorized mass demonstration, whose presence and/or actions constitute or abet a general disturbance, or who fail promptly to obey any order to disperse given by any College official are subject to immediate suspension from the College. A reasonably quiet environment shall be maintained at all times in and around College buildings.

Students conducting themselves in such a manner as to disturb or disrupt a class will be told by the instructor to leave the classroom. The student may return to class as soon as he/she is capable of conducting himself/herself as a mature adult. However, the second such offense would require the student to meet with the Dean of Students and could result in charges being brought against the student. Charges against a student must be resolved by a formal due process hearing. NWSCC will uphold a disciplinary suspension from another College/institution. Potential students that are currently on disciplinary suspension from another college/institution must have a disciplinary hearing prior to admission to the College.

Code of Student Conduct

The publication of this Code of Student Conduct documents the standard of conduct by which students and organizations are expected to abide. Students and organizations shall be aware of the College Code and knowledgeable of the fact that they will be held accountable for compliance with its provisions. By enrollment at and affiliation with the College, a student or organization neither relinquishes the right nor escapes responsibilities of local, state, or federal laws and regulations. The College is committed to maintaining an environment that contributes to its educational mission as well as the safety, health, and well-being of all students and other persons on campus. Therefore, students and organizations are obligated to abide by the rules and policies established by the College.

It is assumed that students enrolling in the College are mature and have a desire for constructive learning and are attending with that purpose in mind. Common courtesy and cooperation are expected of all students. Interference, injury, or the intentional attempt to injure or interfere with the personal or property rights of any person-whether a student, visitor, faculty, or staff member of the College itself, is strictly prohibited.

Where there has been a serious violation of College regulations and a student’s continued presence will materially threaten the welfare of the College, the President’s designated representative, may immediately suspend the student. The student shall be entitled to a hearing according to the regular disciplinary procedures.


The Code of Student Conduct applies to individual students as well as formal and informal groups either involved in College-related activities or functioning as official representative(s) of the institution. It is applicable to the behavior of students and organizations, both on and off the College campus, which is determined to be incompatible with the educational environment and mission of the College.