Patriot Alert - Northwest-Shoals’ Emergency Notification System

Northwest-Shoals Community College utilizes “Patriot Alert,” the new emergency alert and notification system. Patriot Alert delivers messages in the event of an emergency to students, faculty members, and staff. This will be the best source for timely information and instructions on what to do in the event of any campus emergency (college closing, delay in opening, etc.). 

Students no longer need to rely on the media, calls to the college or friends, or coming to the campus to learn about the adverse impact on campus operations due to severe weather, power outages, criminal activity, threats, or other emergency situations. Signing up for Patriot Alert will ensure that this information is automatically delivered to the email addresses and phone numbers (by voice and/or text message) that students provide within moments of any such alerts being sent by the college. Patriot Alert provides this important information directly from authorized members of the college’s administration and security personnel. The Patriot Alert is the official source of the most accurate and current information.

Please follow the simple steps below to log-in to your private Patriot Alert “Dashboard” and enter your contact information. Please be assured that all contact information provided will be kept confidential, safe, and secure, and will never be used for any purpose beyond the authorization given by the student. The student information is for the official use of Northwest-Shoals Community College’s emergency alert system only and is never shared with any third parties. 

To log-in and access the NW-SCC SchoolCast Dashboard account, go to the following secure web-site:

For more information, please email