Campus Facilities

Food and Snacks

Vending machines with assorted snacks and drinks are available on the Shoals Campus in Buildings 100, 112, 115, 118, 121 and 122. Problems with vending machines should be reported to the Cashier’s Office. On the Phil Campbell Campus, vending machines are located in the Student Center, Occupational Building, and the Fine Arts Center, and the cafeteria is located in the student center. Problems should be reported to the Cashier.

Check Cashing Policy

The College is no longer able to cash checks. Also, the College does not accept counter checks for any reason.

College Email

Northwest-Shoals Community College supplies all students with an NW-SCC email account. Communication from the College will be transmitted through this account. To activate, students should visit and follow directions.

Personal Mail

The mailroom does not accept incoming or outgoing personal mail. All personal packages or mail delivered to NW-SCC will be returned to the sender.

Health Services

Medical facilities are not provided on campus for College students. Medical treatment for students and faculty is not to be obtained from the PN instructors, RN instructors or students except when they set up a time and place to check blood pressure or in the case of an emergency. Health services are limited to first aid and the response of advanced life support units from the local hospitals. The College assumes no responsibility for medical treatment to its students. Any accident or injury requiring more than basic first aid treatment is referred to one of the local hospitals or to the student’s private physician. The expense of hospitalization or medical treatment will be borne by the student.

For the Shoals Campus, the emergency phone number for the Helen Keller Ambulance Service is 256.386.4601. This service will transport to Helen Keller, Medical Center Shoals, or ECM Hospital. Limited first aid supplies are located in the Admissions Office on both campuses and in each of the Occupational Program Offices on the Shoals Campus. For the Phil Campbell Campus, the emergency phone number for the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad is 205.993.4242 or 911.