Nursing Assistant

Available: Shoals Campus
Advisors: B. Humphres (6207)
N. Thompson (6249)
C. Tidwell (5305)

The Nursing Assistant course includes instruction in theory, nursing skills lab, and a clinical rotation in a long-term care facility. A basic introduction to the field of long-term care and home health care is provided. This course does not require a high school diploma or GED certificate for admission.

After successful completion of the 75-hour nurse assistant course, the student will meet requirements to take both the written and skills examinations required by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) to be a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in the state of Alabama. Tests are available from at least two test services in the state. Students must pass the test within 24 months of having successfully completed a state approved nurse assistant training program. Applicants are allowed three attempts to take the written test and the clinical skills test. Both tests must be passed in the same 24-month eligibility period for the results to be provided to the ADPH, the certifying agency.

Certification as a nurse assistant enables the individual to obtain employment in nursing homes, hospitals, or home health care agencies. Employment eligibility for persons less than 18 years old is dependent upon the policy of the individual agency.

Clinical requirements:

1. Ability to meet eligibility criteria (with or without accommodation).

2. Current proof of negative TB skin test (2 step)

3. Verification of current CPR certification at the American Heart Association, Health Provider level (BLS)

4. Negative drug screen (performed by school-approved vendor)

5. Clear criminal background check (performed by school approved vendor)

Note that the amounts listed are approximations and that they are subject to change without notice.

  • Tuition and fees: $568.00
  • Student Insurance Fee: $7.50
  • Textbook: $81.75
  • Liability Insurance: $20.00
  • TB Skin Test: varies
  • Background Check: $60.00
  • Clinical ID Badge: $5.00
  • Certification Exam: $100.00
  • Parking Decal: $20.00
  • Drug Screening: $40.00
  • Uniform and Shoes: varies
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