INT 142 : F.A.M.E Manufacturing Core Exercise 2, Workplace Visual Organization (5S)

This course introduces the Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) MCE-2 (Manufacturing Core Exercise) for Workplace Visual Organization (AKA:  5S).  Students will learn how to achieve higher productivity, produce fewer defects, meet deadlines, attain higher workplace safety and how to expose abnormal work conditions quickly and easily for correction and countermeasure.  The 5S process will be clearly defined with experiential exercises, reinforcing the following process steps and their objectives: 


  1. Sift                                    Organization
  2. Sort                                   Orderliness
  3. Sweep and Wash             Cleanliness
  4. Spic and Span                  Total Standardization
  5. Sustain                          System Sustainment


Availability of this course is dependent upon sufficient demand. See master schedule of classes or advisor for further information.



1 - 1

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