Registration dates are listed on the College Academic Calendar as well as in each semester’s registration guide. Currently enrolled students may register through the myNWSCC portal. The student is responsible for completing the registration process correctly and for attending classes as scheduled.

All course changes must be completed by the end of the day given as the deadline date for add/drop in the College Academic Calendar. Students may register for credit courses after the last day of add/drop only with special permission from the respective dean.

New students are invited to small group registration dates as determined by NWSCC each term. All students will be assigned an advisor, which will assist with registration.

Credit Hour Definition and Policy

Northwest Shoals Community College (NWSCC) defines a credit hour in accordance with federal regulations 34 CFR 600.2 and the converting Contact Hours to Credit Hour Equivalencies.

Alabama Community College System requires institutions operate on a semester system. Semester hours of credit are then based upon the average number of hours of instruction weekly during a 15-week period, with an hour of instruction defined as not less than 50 minutes of instructor/student contact. A variety of class meeting schedules that fall within this structure may be present within the institutions.