Professional and Support Personnel

Sherry Akers

Assistant to Human Resources

Kathryn Ana

Manager of Upward Bound (PC)

Seth Armstrong

Student Success Coach

Sharon Arnold

Assistant Accountant I - Cashier (PC)

Marnie Austin

Counselor, Educational Talent Search, Phil Campbell Project

Tracy Barton

Educational Advisor, Educational Talent Search, Phil Campbell Project

Janine Bosheers

Customer Service Representative

Lindsay Bright

Distance Education Student Success Coach

Crissy Broadway

Coordinator of Adult Education/ Ready-to-Work Programs

Deborah Brownell

Upward Bound Academic Advisor/ Curriculum Specialist

Sonya Burkhart

Preschool Teacher

Danny Carson

Automotive Technology Instructor Assistant

Monica Cochran

Competency Testing Lab Aide

Teresa Colvin

Assistant Librarian

Carol Cooney

Assistant Accountant I - Cashier (Shoals)

April Cox

Custodial Employee

Elesia Crosswhite

Talent Search Coordinator/Advisor, Tennessee Valley Educational Talent Search

Kevin Davis

Welding Instructor Assistant

Kimberly Dean

Promotional Services Assistant

Mary Jane Drake

Counselor, Educational Talent Search Phil Campbell Project

Casey Eggleston

Manager of Upward Bound Project Shoals Campus

Amber Fenn

Talent Search Coordinator/Advisor Tuscumbia Educational Talent Search

Startia Fields

Office Clerk, Upward Bound Program Shoals Campus

Gregory Flint

Assistant Accountant I

Laura Foust

Custodial Employee

Taylor Franks

MSSC Training Center Coordinator

Robert Freeman

Network/Server Administrator
Conference Specialist

Brian Fuller

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor I

Steve Gasque

Programmer - Applications Developer

Kim Gilbreath


Tammy Gresham

Secretary V-Fiscal Affairs

Melvin Hairrell

Maintenance Technician I

Lisa Hall

Student Financial Services Specialist

Joyce Hamilton

Custodial Employee

Skye Hamilton

Student Success Coach

George Handley

Maintenance Technician IV

Elizabeth Harris

Youth Success Program Pre-Apprenticeship Advisor

Jessica Harrison

Grants Development and Strategic Partnership Specialist

Teresa Harrison

Administrative Assistant II
President’s Office

Michael Hatton

Maintenance Technician

Sarah Hester

Admissions Counselor

Tracy Hill

Financial Services Specialist

Bridget Holt

Custodial Employee II

Renee Hunt

Custodial Employee

Tim Inman

Maintenance Supervisor III

Alisyn Jackson

Manager of Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME)

Jocelynn James

Custodial Employee

Anthony Jefferys

Computer Technician I

Jacqueline Jefferys

Child Development Coordinator

Kelli Johnson

Advising & Assessment Specialist

Maxine Johnson

Receptionist for the Social Science and Fine Arts and Humanities Division

Ryn Johnson

Custodial Employee

Ryan Lawler

Student Success Coach

Wesley Lawrimore

Custodial Employee

Kenneth Loveless

Coordinator of Youth Success Program

Elaine Malone

Preschool Teacher

Beverly Martin

Assistant to the Vice President’s Office

Audrey Mashburn

Educational Advisor, Educational Talent Search - Tuscumbia Project

Lex May

Computer Technician

Sharon Jo McBride

Secretary V-Student Development Services/Youth Success

Janice McCalpin

Retention Specialist/Database Coordinator

Cari McCanless

WIOA Career Development Coach

Matthew McHargue

Instructional Designer

Chenee McRae

Retention Specialist

Gina Meadows

Learning Resource Center Clerk

Allison Mefford

Career Navigator

Reyna Mendoza

Accountant I

Melissa Michael

Assistant to Health Studies

LeAnn Milner

Accountant I (Payroll and Fixed Assets)

Malea Milstead

Degree Works Manager/Assistant Registrar

Darlene Moyer

Custodial Employee

Karman Morrow

Adult Education Support Specialist

Michelle Napier

Manager II - Admissions

Tammy Nichols

Office Clerk, Educational Talent Search - Phil Campbell Project

Becki Nobles

Maintenance Employee I

Marchia Oates

Coordinator of Student Success Center

Lindsey Oliver

Coordinator of Student Development/Recruitment Manager

Kristi Phillips

Transfer Advisor

Judy Pickard

Assistant Librarian

Lenora Pride

Tutor Coordinator for Youth Success

Tracy Raby

Registrar/Coordinator of Admissions and Graduation

Ashleigh Raney

Secretary to Admissions and Records

Anjanette Ratliff

Student Financial Services Specialist

Patrece Rice

High School Career Coach

Andrew Robbins

Student Success Coach

Jennifer Robbins

Lead Pre-K Teacher

Brian Roberts

Maintenance Technician

Dana Robertson

Accountant I

Whittney Rutherford

Upward Bound Office Clerk (PC)

Shelly Sharp

Information Technology Technician II/ Secretary

Cierra Smith

Assistant Director Student Financial Services

Hollie South

Admissions Counselor

Talia Speck

Office Clerk,Tennessee Valley Educational Talent Search/Tuscumbia Talent Search

Cindy Statom

Coordinator Upward Bound Math and Science

Tia Stone

Human Resources Coordinator

Amanda Terry

Coordinator of Career Services

Melanie Thompson

Advisor/Testing Assistant

Michael Thompson

Maintenance Employee II

Rita Thorne

Competency Testing Laboratory Manager II

Jane Tinkham

Talent Search Coordinator/Advisor Phil Campbell Educational Talent Search

Josey Trawick

Computer Technician I

Ruth Vallejo

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor I

Tommy Varnell

Maintenance Employee I

Brittney Vernon

Salon and Spa Program Instructor Assistant

Tammy Wadkins

Custodial Employee

Jennifer Weaver

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Jesse White

Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Assistant

Kristin Williams

Preschool Teacher

Rebecca Wilson

Assistant Director of Admissions (Phil Campbell Campus)

Mandy Winstead

Assistant to Nursing Department

Christy Wright

Upward Bound Math & Science Advisor/Database Assistant

Adriana Wuotto

Instructional/Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Melissa York-Keeton

Secretary II-Admissions and Records Skills Training - Adult Education