Methods of Course Delivery

Off-Campus College Sites

The College may offer courses at off-campus locations. Through off-campus classes, students may pursue a college degree or expand their base of knowledge without driving long distances. See current class schedule for times and sites. Students use library services from the Shoals and the Phil Campbell Campuses. A needs assessment survey will be completed by off-campus students each semester to determine how the College may improve its services. Contact the respective dean’s office.

Videoconference System

The College provides two-way, interactive videoconferences, workshops, and courses through videoconferencing equipment. This system was set up to enable selected Alabama public educational institutions to share resources and to communicate quickly and easily from site to site. The system transmits college courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels, academic meetings, business conferences, technical training, continuing education courses and workshops. The videoconference system enables users at multiple locations to interact as if they were all in the same room. All conference participants see and hear other participants through video monitors.

The College has several videoconference classrooms located on both campuses.

Since videoconference students attend class on-campus, registration and access to student services and other resources is the same as for all other on-campus students. Videoconference students do not have to complete the distance education orientation.

Distance Education (Virtual Learning)

Through distance education or virtual learning, the College is reaching beyond its campus into homes and workplaces to help students overcome the obstacles of time, geography, and career commitments. Distance education courses are based on the same instructional outcomes and objectives as on-campus courses.

Online courses and hybrid courses are offered by the College. These courses are listed in the class schedule each semester.

ONLINE COURSES - An online distance education course is delivered via the internet using a campus-supported Learning Management System (LMS). With the exception of proctored exams, no on-campus meetings are required.

HYBRID COURSES - A hybrid distance education course replaces the majority of face-to-face and/ or theory time with online instructional time so that at least 50% of the content is provided in an entirely online format.

Students may earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree by taking distance education courses.  In addition, many other degree and certificate programs offer online and hybrid course options.

Students may find additional information on minimum technology and skill requirements as well as other general information on the College website under Virtual Learning or by contacting the Distance Education Office (Virtual Learning Center) at 256.331.5453.