Career, Technical and Occupational Programs

Plans leading to the Associate in Applied Science and the Associate in Occupational Technology degrees are college-level programs of study designed to prepare students to enter occupational, semi-professional, or para-professional employment. Though many of the courses in these programs transfer to four-year colleges and universities, the primary intent is to prepare students for immediate employment after successful completion of a two-year program of courses.

Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the requirements of specific technical or occupational programs. These programs are offered to students who want to prepare for specific occupational employment. These programs vary in length from two to five semesters. Entry into a career, technical, or occupational program is dependent upon the student’s ability to perform the essential functions of the program.

The College offers several short certification programs on an “as needed” basis. We refer to these short certification programs as General Certificate Programs. Many of these programs meet the minimum requirements for taking state board or other qualifying examinations.