Computer Technology CyberSecurity Technician

Available: Shoals Campus

T. Roberson (5276)
S. Chandler (5234)
J. James (6234/5346)

Almost all businesses today utilize microcomputers in their operations, whether they are large or small businesses. The investment they have made in microcomputers requires ongoing maintenance and security. The need for qualified technicians is continually expanding. These technicians need to know how to diagnose, configure, install, upgrade, and secure industry standard microcomputers. This program is designed to provide the skills needed to become employed as a CyberSecurity Technician. 

Entering students are required to complete ORI 107. Transfer students are exempt from this requirement.



* CIS 249 satisfies the written communication proficiencies for Area I. This course is offered only in the fall and summer.

* CIS 146 satisfies the mathematics proficiencies for Area III.

Total credits:




Short-Term Certificate