Associate in Occupational Technology (AOT) Degrees

These degrees are designed for students seeking to become multi-skilled technicians.The AOT includes both a primary technical specialty and a secondary technical specialty.

General Education Core for Associate in Occupational Technology Degree Entering students are required to complete ORI 107. Transfer students are exempt from this requirement.


General Education Core: 15-21 hours
Technical Concentration and Electives: 39-61 hours
Total Minimum: 60 hours

Area I: Written Composition

3-6 Hours

Area II: Humanities and Fine Arts

3-6 hours

*NOTE: SPH107 or foreign language may NOT be the one course designated to fulfill SACSCOC Core Requirement 2.7.3 for Humanities and Fine Arts.

Area III: Natural Sciences and Mathematics

6 hours

Three hours must be in Mathematics and three hours in a Natural Science course: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, or Physical Science

Area IV: History, Social and Behavioral Science

3 hours

Technical Concentrations and Electives

39-61 hours

A technical major requires a minimum of 27 credit hours in a single content area.

A technical minor has a minimum of 12 credit hours in another related technical area.

Total credits: