ADM 294 : MSSC Maintenance Awareness Course

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills related to maintenance awareness in a manufacturing environment. Topics covered include • Prepare preventative maintenance and routine repair • Monitor indicators to ensure correct operations • Perform all housekeeping to maintain production schedule • Recognize potential maintenance issues with basic production systems, including knowledge of when to inform maintenance personnel about problems with: 1. electrical systems; 2. pneumatic systems 3. hydraulic systems; 4. machine automation systems 5. lubrication systems 6. bearings and couplings This course is equivalent to MET 220 and WKO 134. Students completing this course will receive an MSSC certificate in maintenance awareness. Students completing courses ADM 291,292, 293, and 294 will receive the Certified Production Technician credential. Courses will be articulated.


ADM 291 MSSC Safety Course


Availability of this course is dependent upon sufficient demand. See master schedule of classes or advisor for further information.




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