ADM 293 : MSSC Manufacturing Processes and Production Course

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills related to manufacturing processes and production in a manufacturing environment. Topics covered include • Identify customer needs • Determine resources available for the production process • Set up equipment for the production process • Set team production goals • Make job assignments • Coordinate work flow with team members and other work groups • Communicate production and material requirements and product specifications • Preform and monitor the process to make the product • Document product and process compliance with customer requirements • Prepare final product for shipping or distribution This course is equivalent to AUT 144 and WKO 133. Students completing this course will receive an MSSC certificate in manufacturing processes and production. Students completing courses ADM 291,292, 293 and 294 will receive the Certified Production Technician credential.


ADM 291 MSSC Safety Course


Availability of this course is dependent upon sufficient demand. See master schedule of classes or advisor for further information.




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